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Company Aluminium Locks Mini

Aluminium Locks Mini

The ease of use and the attractive design of the handle make the new MINI aluminium locks family one of the new entries in the bodybuilding market. The black painted steel opening handle, the zinc plated steel leverage system and the reinforced nylon sliding system allow high mechanical properties, corrosion resistance in any weather condition and long term use performances.
The MINI range includes all required versions, with several heights between 300 and 800 mm, with vertical or horizontal locking, with thread for fine adjustment. All the MINI aluminium locks can be supplied with or without rabbet. The quality of materials and manufacturing process make the MINI successful on both national and international markets.

Competitive features and materials used:

  • Anodised aluminium (Alloy 6060T5, ARC10, E6/EV1-10 Micron)  with an attractive and modern design.
  • Steel handle with a black epoxy powder coating 50 ÷ 100 ?m guaranteeing excellent protection against corrosion and an elegant finishing to for the sideboard. The ergonomic shape makes it safer and easier to operate the mechanism.
  • Lever mechanism in galvanised steel, ensuring less wear and greater mechanical strength than the plastic materials used by competitors.
  • Locking mechanism with stainless steel return spring making the handle easier to operate.
  • Lever opens from the top downward, ensuring a gradual and safe movement.

The “MINI 1” lock  uses an horizontal locking system and can only be coupled to its own sideboard end profile.


The “MINI 2” lock has an internal locking mechanism with horizontal bolt, similar to the MINI 1 lock, and is coupled with its own pocket.

The “MINI 3” lock features a vertical locking system.