A young company born of a great experience

Established as commercial arm of our historic manufacturing department, Autocar Distributions sets immediately their goal to offer our customers an even more complete and target-oriented service.

Autocar Distributions was established in 2018 in Brescia, and, thanks to a well-stocked warehouse, our company becomes a landmark for our customers in Ital and abroad.

Our thriving technical and sales department have been developing and optimizing our range of complete bodywork curtain kits used to build up the upper structure of curtain bodies. Our flexible and functional kits have immediately experienced a great success among bodybuilders, who saw the advantages of this kit, easy and fast to assemble.



Autocar Distributions was established in Brescia as commercial arm of Autocar Tecnologie


Our technical department starts the project of our bodywork curtain kit range: the first one to be released is our bodywork curtain kit for semitrailer, with lifting system and multi-height option.


We increase our bodywork curtain kit, introducing our complete kit for truck, with lifting system and multi-height option


We complete our kit for trucks by adding the version without lifting system.


We create a new bodywork curtain kit, suitable for light vehicles up to 3,5 ton, using Autocar Magnum fix roof, adjustable in width.


Thanks to the introduction of Topline2 sliding roof with its Smart rail, we develop a further version of our semitrailer kit: now it can be mounted without lifting system.


We update our bodywork curtain kit range in order to keep up with market’s changing needs. We are working on a universal bodywork kit, that standardizes components for different kind of vehicles. In this way, the B-KIT range is brought to life and presented to the IAA Exhibition in Hannover.

Dialogue. Decision. Distributions.

We consider ourselves as a dynamic and constantly evolving company, that can easily keep up with market’s changings and keep offering practical and innovative solutions to the customers.

We consider the dialogue with our partners as the starting and most significant step of every commercial relationship, that allow both to take informed decisions and provide an aware distribution of high-quality products.

Our young but skilled staff is always ready to guide and advise our customers towards the best choices for them and we can ensure all the needed support to mounting phases and after-sales needs.

Thanks to our network of logistic partners, to our wide stock and to our smart packaging, we can deliver fast and worldwide, ensuring the perfect state of delivered materials.