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All our projects start with our customer’s needs: we design, plan and develop customized products aimed to ensure the highest efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The technologies behind a successful curtain body

For over 60 years our company Autocar Tecnologie Srl has been playing a significant role as manufacturer of bodywork systems for trucks, trailers, and semitrailers. Our cutting-edge technologies and our technical department, always updated with changing trends in the market, allow us to offer flexible and innovative bodywork systems, aimed to meet our customers’ needs.

Each one of our products is the result of the commitment of our staff in each step of the production chain, starting from choosing high-quality raw materials up to the accuracy of our packaging, which is strong and smart, easy to transport.

In our products you can feel the attention of our skilled staff in every production phase, from loading our machinery to welding and assembling processes; you can see the precision in choosing pre-treatments that will protect our products from rust and deterioration.

Our technical department inspects and tests all our systems, in order to deliver a high-quality product, perfectly suitable to 100% satisfy our customers’ needs.


Starting from designing and during the whole production process, we use the latest technologies and high-trained staff, ensuring the highest efficiency and quality of our products.

Top Quality

We always demand the highest quality standards in each step of the producing process, starting from choosing material up to packing the single item.


Innovation drives us to keep our products updated and to keep developing new solutions for our customers.


Our brand Autocar is the smart solution to equip your commercial vehicle. We design and produce complete bodywork systems and additional bodywork parts suitable to every kind of curtain bodies.


OEM Companies choose to work with Autocar Tecnologie

Thanks to our advanced technologies and skilled technicians, major original equipment manufacturers of industrial vehicles (OEM) choose us as their supplier. These manufacturers become our partners in designing and developing customized bodywork systems.

Through different tests, our technical department checks every new product, in order to allow its production on a large scale. Every single component must pass strict quality checks to be considered suitable and to be sold; in this way, our customer receives only 100% tested components.

Thanks to our cooperation with a wide network of logistic partners we can guarantee fast deliveries, so that our customers can count on a continuing supply.


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