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Autocar is one of the leading European manufacturers of components for trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers.

For over 60 years Autocar Tecnologie Srl in Dubino has been developing and producing complete bodywork systems sold worldwide, such as fix and sliding roofs, central pillars, aluminum rear doors and locks for sideboards.

For many years Autocar has been working together with some of the major European OEM companies, studying and developing customized products in order to meet their needs. In 2018 Autocar splits, creating its commercial arm, Autocar Distributions Srl in Brescia. In this way, Autocar can improve its position, offering to customers a wide warehouse with products available on stock and a sales team ready to handle any kind of request.

+60 years of experience

For over 60 years, Autocar has been placing among the major manufacturers of components for industrial vehicles, enhancing the experience and the tradition from the past but always keeping an eye on the future.


An answer to every question: thanks to advanced technologies and an innovative technical department, Autocar can develop customized products according to customer’s needs.

Made in Italy

Autocar has always been standing out for high-quality products, resulting from planning, designing, and manufacturing processes completely made in Italy.

Full equipment

Autocar can supply all necessary components in order to fully equip a curtain body, allowing the bodybuilder to get everything he needs from one supplier.