An adventure going on for over 60 years

Since its foundation, our company Autocar has been monitoring the evolution of the market, so to always be a step ahead in meeting customers’ needs.

Born as a dealer of original spare parts for Fiat cars and trucks, our company Autocar widened our interests until we specialized only in the field of bodywork for commercial vehicles, thus becoming a leading company both in Italy and abroad.

Our success is the result of the passion of our employees, always ready to give their best in developing and selling new products. We also value the relationship with our customers and suppliers; they are our partners, we grow with them, and we undertake new projects together, each one more challenging than the previous one.



Autocar was founded in Milan as dealer of original spare parts for Fiat cars and trucks.


Autocar specializes in the field of bodywork for commercial vehicles, becoming manufacturer of bodywork systems and components for truck, trailers, and semitrailers.


Autocar develops and starts selling our new roof system MAGNUM, as both fix and sliding roof, that allows to increase the truck loading capacity.


Autocar widens its range of products, introducing the Aluminum range, with aluminum profiles for tippers, side protections and profiles for sideboards.


Autocar develops the new range of rear doors MAGNA, realized with only 3 vertical aluminum panels that make our door one of the strongest and most elegant doors on the market.


Autocar’s project of aluminum locks for sideboards becomes real with the MINI range, presenting an attractive design, a safer use and higher mechanical properties.


Autocar opens a new warehouse and production plant in Dubino (SO), for a total surface of 6000sqm.


Autocar designs and develops our new MAXI range of central pillars, available in different versions: with or without lifting system and with multi-height option.


Autocar joins Il Telone group, formed by different companies specialized in the field of bodywork for industrial vehicles.


Autocar develops the MAXI DUO range for central pillars with two handles, our perfect solution for vehicles with sideboards.


Autocar keeps on updating its products; our new sliding roof Magnum Topline2 has been developed, with an even better sliding and a modern design.


Autocar never stops creating: the brand-new panel door MAGNA LIGHT for light vehicles will be ready for selling within the end of the year, as well as locks MINI X for sideboards, that allow 180° opening of the handle.

Your requests become our missions

The driving force behind the growth of our company is the mutual trust we create with our customers and suppliers, our partners in designing and developing our products together.

Our focus is on innovation, but we always have in mind the values of our tradition. Therefore, we design and produce bodywork systems with the highest-quality materials, with an elegant and functional design, typical of Italian engineering. In our products you can feel the commitment of our trained workers, who produce, assemble, and test every single component, in order to deliver a cutting-edge product.

We work hard everyday to make our workplace a safe, quiet, and inspiring environment for our employees, who are the heart and soul of our company. We work hard everyday to make our producing processes always more effective, more efficient, and eco-friendlier, so that we can ensure the maximum satisfaction in full respect for the environment.